With a Local Community Preservation Fund, interested community groups and private individuals and companies can apply for funding to take on projects that benefit the city.

  1. We can protect our historic buildings from demolition and allow groups to re-use these buildings in new and creative ways.  Our heritage is an attraction for people and businesses to move to the city, for tourists to visit.
  2. We can upgrade our recreational spaces and make them more safe and clean for families and children.  We can establish new spaces for dog parks or for skating rinks.
  3. We can support the efforts to clean up and restore commercial areas vital to the city, such as North Street or Tyler Street and make them attractive for residents.
  4. Local groups are empowered to undertake the projects that make most sense for them.
  5. Completing CPA projects, whether restoring historic buildings or setting up open space recreational areas, creates jobs, and jobs that are local.

We can tap into state funding that is not available now to Pittsfield since we have not yet adopted the Community Preservation Act.  We pay into the state fund, but we can’t access it.  In short, we are helping to subsidize the 161 communities in Massachusetts that have adopted.  Put bluntly, money from real estate sales in Pittsfield ends up supporting projects in neighboring towns such as Lenox.

For more, listen to Preserve Pittsfield on WAMC: Pittsfield Faces November CPA Vote