The results are in!  By a wide margin, Pittsfield voters chose to bring the benefits of the Community Preservation to our city.  The results were  Yes: 11,850 (63%), No: 7,016 (37%).

These are votes towards improving the quality of life in our city and to helping our city move forward on a path towards resurgence and revitalization.  CPA is one tool that will support our elected officials, our businesses and our community groups who have a forward, positive vision for our city.

There are many people to thank for getting us here.  At a grassroots level and in a spontaneous reaction to challenges, a group of concerned citizens joined together to seek this ballot initiative.  We relied on the technical expertise and support of the Community Preservation Coalition, a non-profit organization that works with communities across the state that want to adopt CPA and then have already adopted it.  We had a group of supporters including our elected officials, members of cultural and educational non-profits, concerned business leaders, and community activists.   Thanks to everyone who put up signs in their yards, who came to meetings, who wrote messages of support and letters to the editor, who donated funds, who stood out on Park Square and at polling places.  It was a true team effort where everyone’s contributions helped push us over the hilltop.

And, we thank the voters of Pittsfield for placing their their trust in CPA as one tool that will make our city a better place to live and work.  We look forward to working with the Community Preservation Commission that will be set up by the City Council to start the work needed to get CPA off the ground.