Preserve Pittsfield

Concerned citizens joining together to serve and preserve our city through the adoption of the Community Preservation Act


We are an informal group of Pittsfield residents who joined together to support the enactment of the Community Preservation Act so that the city can take advantage of state resources to provide for

  1. the preservation of our historic buildings and sites
  2. the development of open, recreational spaces
  3. the creation of decent and safe residential housing alternatives


Following the reports of plans to demolish St. Mary’s of Morningstar on Tyler Street, we explored ways to support community groups, private individuals and developers who designed projects to meet any of the categories above.

The Community Preservation Act was passed into law in 2000 and signed by Governor Paul Cellucci.  It enables communities around the state to create a local Community Preservation Fund for open space protection, historic preservation, affordable housing and outdoor recreation.  Money for the fund would come from a surcharge amounting to 1% of assessed property taxes.  Most importantly, the state contributes to local community funds with money they collect from every real estate transaction in the state.